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Since 2018, Owo Financial Services (OFS) is the first Beninese Fintech to act as a payment services and electronic money operator. OFS puts on the market a wide range of innovative solutions in own name and customized: Visa prepaid cards, mobile payment with additional services.

OFS offers its services to individuals, public and private institutions of any sector of activity, including the banking sector. We are not a bank, but an intermediary in payment services under the cover of UBA Benin.

This status gives us a great deal of flexibility and allows us to manage all electronic money transactions, with the exception of the management of customer deposits, which are maintained at banks.


Driven by frustration with traditional banking and payment services, we felt the need for the creation of Owo Financial Services. Indeed, we believe that these banking and payment services can become simpler, more economical and come with real added value.We are therefore committed to reinventing the bank by creating all of a money management platform so that it can meet the new challenges ahead. The result is a tool offering payment services adapted to all institutions, legal and natural persons and that can easily be connected to a large number of partners: interbank networks, banks, issuers of cards and electronic money, service providers and finally, State services.Owo Financial Services is led by a young, motivated and dynamic team that manages powerful additional services with a strong desire to bring innovation to the payments market.